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Il giro gastronomico d'Italia

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  • Piedmont: wines and truffles

    Piedmont: wines and truffles

    The region's food is generous, displaying the colours of the Piedmont rainbow. A tradition which offers infinite types of flavors, aromas and tastes. From west to east, from the harsh rugged mountains to the fertile plains and rolling hills, Piedmont offers an infinite range of delicacies. Sipping one of its great wines is the best way to start discovering its many miracles.
  • Valle d'Aosta: a synphony of Alpine pastures

    Valle d'Aosta: a synphony of Alpine pastures

    This is a region where history has been influenced by its mountains and national borders. The traditional cookery of the Valle d' Aosta revolves around the flavors of milk and cheese, meat, and the products of the land and environment. These flavors are the essence of a harsh yet beautiful land, and take us back to the origins of an ancient civilization.

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